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Hello Fellow strangers, My name is Bryanna Shumpert, I am an experienced wiccan, still studying. This website is a journey into my mind and on your way you will find spells, rituals, and more magickal doings.

If you have decided to take the path into wicca, I congradulate you. Here you will find your basics, a magickal store, and spells and rituals as I said before, and you will also find blogs, vlogs, and articles I have written myself.

I have an apprentice named, Parker, he is dear to me and if you wish to understand him more message him! He has his own ways into the world of mystery and magick, as for you guys to.

Here you won't find a specific path set out for you, this is sheer help to get you started, to get connected, and to guide you in times of darkness.

The magickal store has not yet come, but soon you will be provided with valuable spells and supplies.