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About Me

Lady Raven here,


Hello sisters and brothers, My name is Bryanna Shumpert. I won't say to much because personally I know you don't want to know all about me, soooooo. Anyways, I am 15, currently  studying to be a photo journalist. I have been studying wicca for about six years, I don't live in myrtle beach, and I have a sister in wicca, Hailey, and an Apprentice, Parker!

Wicca is a delicate study and should be studied with pure intentions! Really I don't want to bore you so if you are interested and want to know more then please feel free to message me at Aneira8599 on here. And also:


I also have a youtube page Aneira Withadream

I have a spells of magic page, Hushed

and my email is [email protected]